About Us

The Bridlington Echo is a community-based, free of charge, independent monthly community newspaper which covers the seaside resorts of Bridlington, along with the surrounding Yorkshire villages including; Flamborough, Bempton, Hunmaby, Filey, Burton Agnes, Kilham, and Carnaby.

There is an average print run of 16,000 papers per edition, but this can vary due to seasonal fluctuations during the busy tourist season. We have lots of pick-up-points throughout our circulation area and also undertake a door-to-door delivery service to around 12,000 addresses in Bridlington.

The Echo is proud to serve the area under the motto….’our community matters’

Since the paper was first published in July 2016, it has become the leading publication in the area for positive and encouraging local news stories and also provides a great and reliable medium for advertisers to get their message across.

Over the years we have run a campaign to fund a minibus for the British Legion, raising £75,000 in 22 months. We have also organised an ongoing appeal for a local food bank, helped a family to finance travel to see their ill son at a hospital, combined resources for a website to launch a Coronavirus Resource platform to help the local community access information as well as health and social care enquiries. We have gladly promoted dozens of individual and group charity events and good causes.

The Bridlington Echo has no political allegiance or agenda and reports on the community and area in which it is based.

Our newspaper and social media platforms are funded solely from advertising revenues… we receive no government subsidy or grants.

Editorial articles are only published in the print version of the Echo if they have relevance to the local area. Out remit is to write non-contentious, informative and upbeat articles.

In 2017 The Echo was awarded ‘Best Start Up Business’ by the regional Chamber of Trade organisation for the Hull and East Yorkshire area.

We provide several daily updates to our popular Facebook page – bringing local relevant news, such as weather reports, photographs and videos – to 25,000 followers.

As well as social media platforms the Echo website serves as the ‘go to’ news and information point for locals and holidaymakers alike.

The Bridlington Echo is locally owned by the Echo Media Group Ltd, with offices at Unit A1-A4 Brett Street Business Park, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO16 4LQ.

Contact point is the Editor at the above address or email: editor@bridlingtonecho.co.uk.