Future plans for the Harbour

Future plans for the Harbour

Exploratory works have been taking place in Bridlington Harbour over the past few weeks.

The dredger – the Gypsey Race – has been used to position a mechanical digger to excavate trial holes to ascertain the exact composition of material underneath the harbour.

Bridlington Harbour Surveyor Mark Trevitt said: “We need to know the exact conditions underneath the harbour for any potential structures that may be built. The position of the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners (BHC) is that they have adopted a formal plan for improvements and works.”
This comes after professional international services firm ARUP concluded in 2018 that during the financial climate meant that initial proposals for the planned Yorkshire Harbour and Marina Project would not be commercially viable.

However East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the BHC have agreed to continue to risk closely together to explore a revised proposal within the town’s harbour area.
Mr Trevitt added: “The trial holes have found that there are layers of sand, clay, gravel, weathered chalk and solid chalk…pretty much in line what we expected.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The Bridlington Harbour Commissioners have an adopted a Forward Plan and as part of that the council is currently looking at ways to improve the Harbour Road quay wall.”